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5/18/12 4:21:49PM
Wait what?

Fresh off of a victory on Tuesday night, Cody McKenzie has decided to drop down to featherweight and face Chad Mendes at UFC 148 in July. UFC officials on Friday announced verbal agreements are in place for the fight.

McKenzie (12-2) emerged from season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter unscathed, holding an undefeated professional record following the show’s finale. He then dropped back-to-back bouts to Yves Edwards and Vagner Rocha, before submitting newcomer Marcus LeVesseur at Tuesday night’s UFC on Fuel TV 3.

Even with the victory, however, McKenzie has decided it’s time to drop down from lightweight to the 145-pound division.


War McKenzie!!!
5/18/12 4:27:17PM
poor Cody
5/18/12 4:34:31PM
War McKenzie! The AK kid will have length all day and night on Mendes. That could pose some problems standing, especially if Cody gets some more work in with the Diaz brothers. Not to mention it could be easier to choke out smaller opponents with Cody's already long limbs.

Granted, Mendes will be a rightful favorite here. But McKenzie has better than a puncher's chance with a good gameplan.
5/18/12 4:38:12PM
Lol, wtf? This match up is another head scratcher. McKenzie is 2-2 in the UFC with wins over a guy who was cut a long time ago and a UFC newcomer that was seconds away from victory. Mendes just fought for the title...I like this fight though, maybe Mendes will actually get a finish in there...
5/18/12 5:22:14PM
McKenzie prolly gets TKO'd in the first. Was getting lit up in his last fight and not great stand up at all.

Suprised he hadn't already dropped to FW already, looked like he carry's some weight on him that he could drop.
5/18/12 5:49:36PM
McKenzie's going to get chances to apply the guillotine. I like him as an underdog.
5/18/12 5:50:55PM
I will be quite disappointed in Mendes if he doesn't finish this...disappointed^infinity if he gets guillotined
5/18/12 5:59:40PM
I would love to see a Team Alpha Male guillotine choked By Mr Mckenzie. I'd also like to see Eva Mendez in my shower. One can hope right?
5/18/12 6:13:52PM
Codys damn good and has a very imPressive guillotine choke but Team Alpha Male know the guillotine damn well and this should be a fight Chad can finish or a fight that a win for Cody could really propel him near the top of the division.
5/18/12 9:38:05PM
This is a huge step up in competition for Cody. But its no lose situation. If he wins it's a great upset and good momentum. If he losees and puts on a good fight he is good...because Mendes is a beast and should win. I like his move down in weight. He will have a reach advantage but his striking is still very basic and Mendes should be able to get inside and hurt him standing. Then finish with GnP.
5/18/12 9:47:02PM
I'd rather see Cody fight Roop or someone like that, but this fight is interesting
5/18/12 9:52:58PM
This fight just doesnt make any sense to me. Money is going to make quick work on Mckenzie.
5/18/12 9:54:50PM
How cool would it be if Cody Mckenzie ends up going down as the greatest FW in history? With a string of 15 wins by the same submission each time.
5/19/12 12:01:59AM
This is sick.
5/19/12 1:41:27AM
I don't get why people don't like this fight.

Mendes is a wrestler at heart. He's mostly likely going to take Cody down and that will open up chance for the guillotine.

Of course Mendes is going to be the favorite, but I think Cody is a live dog.

Any fighter with such a powerful single weapon can never be counted out of any fight.

If Mendes is looking past Cody, he might just get choked out.
5/19/12 11:30:26AM
Mckenzie's guillotine choke will not work against against elite level fighters.

The end.
5/19/12 12:54:24PM
How does Mendes go from main event title fight to undercard prelim?
5/19/12 10:03:10PM
Every thread about Cody Mckenzie needs this gif

7/7/12 1:03:25PM

Posted by MMAcca

Mckenzie's guillotine choke will not work against against elite level fighters.

The end.

Mendes is an elite level wrestler, just like Levesseur was. Mendes hasn't proven to me that he's an elite fighter. He's done nothing but outwrestle any serious competition he's beaten.
7/7/12 1:21:20PM
Picked cody UD