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9/12/07 3:45:00PM
This is my only problem with MMA sparring, I don't transition from strikes to takedowns very good. I have very good takedown defense, but I'm to worried about catching a kick or a knee to the face to try and shoot in on them. I would rather use the greco clinch, but when I do that, it seems awkward when I try to do it and I feel like I'm reaching for them. My wrestling shot is pretty damn good actually, but I need to use some strikes to close the distance for me to be able to get the greco clinch or for me to be a good distance to shoot in. What are your suggestions?
9/12/07 4:27:37PM
i love shoots, what i like to do is set it up with right,right left then step back and then right drop and shoot, dont need to do that 100% of the time swich it up , what im trying to say is in mma you need to punch and kick to get a shoot off, get the guy thinkin about something else then shoot, all it is,is your set up if you have a good set up your shoot will be a lot easier
9/13/07 1:42:19AM
Really, this is something a lot of people starting off have a problem with, as you're using two entirely different skill sets you're not used to and trying to transition between them. A lot of this will be ironed out with practice, but you don't want to train in bad mechanics either.

The number 1 thing that'll kill you with shooting is hesitation. If you're going to shoot a takedown, you can't worry about eating a knee or you're going to hesitate, which translates to telegraphing, and the guy is going to sprawl on you or worse. I'm assuming your coach has shown you how to shoot, so I won't get into technique, but what is he doing to help you along with this?

As for greco, you definitely don't want to be reaching towards someone in an MMA style match. Close the distance with strikes and then start pummeling for position, and you should have no problem closing distance. Again, hesitation will kill you here, especially if you're not used to having punches coming at you.
9/13/07 12:36:37PM
to get into the greco roman clinch theres loadsa ways, i like starting with a cross left hook cross because then if they back away your hips are turned for a left kick, also jens pulvers insturctional shows how he gets into the clinh using strikes that should help out
9/13/07 12:52:16PM
My favorite way to set up for a takedown is a 1-2 hitched with a sidestep in between. Throw your jab out there, side step to his outside then do a cross. that way you're already in position to shoot outside of his front leg so you don't have half as much to worry about.

Really what its going to come down to is your stand up IMO. You have to make him respect your stand up so when you do throw a couple shots, he'll be sure to cover up, and most likely get off balance. Thats when you have the best chance of getting the takedown without any consequence.
9/14/07 10:47:59AM
Lol tried for a shot yesterday and I shot way to far away and way to low, I got him down but it was mad ugly. After a few times of trying it, I became alittle bit more comfortable with it.