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12/7/07 5:47:08PM
it seems to me as if the ufc is treating guys who lose controversial decisions as if they had won them. prime example clay guida vs. tyson griffin and keith jardine vs. stephan bonnar.

now i know the bonnar vs. jardine fight was a while ago, but the ufc has given jardine some big fights after that and has treated him as if he won the bonnar fight.

same goes with guida vs. griffin. griffin got thiago tavares after the win and guida got marcus auerellio, and if he beats huerta could be close to a title shot, it seems to me that griffin is a little ways away from a shot despite winning the fight..

this was just interensting to me, i would love to see what htey do with hammil now after the loss to bisping, even though bisping got his shot against rashad.
12/7/07 5:55:02PM
Any guy who gets screwed by the judges deserves another shot for sure
12/8/07 3:22:37AM

Posted by tylerlee123

Any guy who gets screwed by the judges deserves another shot for sure

I will even go so far as to say( screwed or not) if you have great fight, lose a close decision, and leave it all in the cage you deserve to keep getting tough fights. The kind of fights that can lead to bigger ones.
12/8/07 3:41:03AM
I hope Matt Hammill will get that rematch now that Bisping has lost.
Show everyone again who is superior.
12/8/07 7:12:10AM
I always thought that winning in the UFC didn't matter, as long as you put on an exciting show and are entertaing then they will keep asking you back.

I.E. Alessio Sakara, Guida, Leonard Garcia, Terry Martin (to some extent)
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