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8/11/08 8:16:42PM
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At some level you have to find that character inside yourself. I've been around mean, nasty people plenty of times in my life and seen that first hand, so somewhere you have to find it inside yourself to relate to the character and hopefully that allows you to tell the truth to a certain degree and stay true to the role.

- Randy Couture, speaking to's Arash Markazi about his lead role in the new straight-to-DVD flick Scorpion King 2. Randy also notes that they airbrushed his cauliflower ear on the movie poster.
8/11/08 8:56:49PM
he should stick to fighting....

and was that Kane he was beating up?
8/11/08 9:08:51PM
that looked just awful.... Truly, truly awful.
8/11/08 9:19:53PM
I just watched the movie this was an advanced screening

Unfortunately for Randy, it's obvious that he is the least experienced of the actors in the film...he is still very rough around the edges. I never watched the first Scorpion King movie, so I don't know how it compares, but this one was nothing spectacular. Most of the actors do a decent job and the sets are realistic for the most part, so I'm assuming it was originally planned for a theatrical release. In some scenes, it's obvious that they cut back on their effects budget, but that could of been after the movie was done filming for that matter. If they were expecting a real fighter to have the same on-screen presence as a pro wrestler, they were definitely mistaken. OK, I'm done bashing Randy's acting...I think it was mostly a case of him taking on a large role too quickly.
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