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POLL: Who is your favorite
Prime Minister Yah Mon 17% (2)
Dr. Do Itch Big 33% (4)
Bud Foxx 25% (3)
Electra 25% (3)
6/25/08 5:36:56PM
Ran across this today. Clinton Portis is a pretty funny guy. The video on the link I guess could be related to MMA. I wonder if Bud Foxx is on the fight finder. Hope you guys enjoyClinton Portis
6/25/08 9:34:13PM
I'm gunna have to go with Bud Foxx with Dr. Do Itch big in a close second.
6/26/08 6:33:00AM
My favorite is one not listed-the "supposedly MIA" Southeast Jerome.
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