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12/2/08 1:15:34AM learned today that the lightweight bout between Rich 'No Love' Clementi (40-13-1) and Gleison Tibau (27-5) was offered to both camps and is being negociated for February. We were unable to confirm whether the fight will be featured in the UFC Fight Night 17 or UFC 95 taking place in London.

12/2/08 4:36:21AM
It'll be a good fight(if it happens) no matter what card it's on,I think Clementi will end up winning, I'd say late sub or UD.
12/2/08 5:21:59AM
Tibau wins this easily
12/2/08 6:39:40AM

Posted by Pookie

Tibau wins this easily

if he has a gas tank, IMO he'd be amongst the best in the division.
12/2/08 10:23:12AM
Ooo. Tough matchup. I think I'll go with Clementi for an eventual RNC or guillotine.
12/2/08 10:40:06AM
UFC 95 or UFN17, what u think?
12/2/08 2:22:23PM
I think this will go just like the Clementi vs Maynard fight. Only Tibau plays the role of Maynard and wins UD. Boring fight prolly.
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