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POLL: Who would win?
Rich Clementi 22% (7)
Nate Diaz 78% (25)
4/21/08 3:01:57PM
This matchup would be so damn entertaining! This has got to be the next matchup for these two guys to move up into contention. Both of these guys have great BJJ and I think the fight would be won or lost on there stand up. So I guess my questions for you guys is: Would you like to see this matchup for these guys next? And who would you guys pick to win?
4/21/08 3:31:46PM
That would be a sick fight, I think Clementi is being overlooked some in the LW picture too. With that said though, I still believe Diaz has the better JJ and would at some time in the fight land a sub. Clementi is a great fighter though, I just think this is a bad matchup for Clementi.

In my head this fight plays out almost exactly like Diaz vs Batman.
4/21/08 3:55:41PM
This one would be fight of the night no question. These two both have an attitude and both have solid fight games. I would see them trying to bang it out for about 2 mins and then having a sick Jits comp for the remainder of the fight until soeone scres up and leaves an arm out. I would take Nate just because I love the Diaz brothers and just think the caliber of training partners they have prepare them for almost anything and anyone.

4/21/08 5:01:27PM
I don't see that as a step up from Pellegrino.

More of a sideways shuffle.
4/21/08 10:03:50PM

Posted by Kpro

I don't see that as a step up from Pellegrino.

More of a sideways shuffle.

maybe even a step back in competition if you ask me
4/21/08 11:45:16PM
Clementi is definitely and often myself many a time...but I would agree that it is a step sideways if not back in competition in comparison to Pellegrino...Diaz would take this IMO...I think of Clementi now as more of a gatekeeper at best
4/22/08 1:02:59AM
I think it would be a good matchup...but its a sidestep...and Nate wants elevated competition...

someone at the level of Frankie Edgar or Clay Guida I would say
4/22/08 1:13:00AM
i wanna see diaz vs kenny florian or a rematch vs hermes franca.
4/22/08 2:42:42AM
I'd rather see Nate fight Clay Guida or Joe Lauzon next.

Pellegrino would be a good opponent for Clementi to fight next.
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