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12/10/09 10:50:46AM
The exciting and always dangerous Clay Guida is set on a collision course to continue his push to the top of an ever-growing lightweight division.

Always an imposing threat, “The Carpenter” has now enhanced his arsenal tenfold by adding his name to the growing roster of fighters who trek across country – in some cases across the world – to work with the infamous Greg Jackson.

12/10/09 12:42:11PM
I can't wait to see Guida grow as a fighter through Greg Jackson's camp. He's already got the heart and stamina to be in any fight. Now with Greg Jackson his skills are only going to improve more. I don't know if he's ready for someone of Kenflo's caliber yet, but in a year or two he will be a threat to anyone in the division IMO
12/10/09 2:18:20PM
Guida is with Greg Jackson? Hmm... Florian is with GSP's other trainer, Firas or whatever his name is.
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