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8/30/07 10:50:03AM
I like this guy. He doesen't give up, has underrated standup and survivability and of course, some outstanding wrestling and submission defense.

All this talk about Urija Faber Urijah Faber. Personally, I don't like Faber. Guida fought a helluva fight against Tyson Griffin and some say (including me) shouldve won that decision, but it was close enough where I respect why Tyson got it. Now he's beaten Aurelio.

So now what for Clay Guida? I think he's an up and comer and I'd love to see him shut someone like Faber up. I think he's ready right now for a title shot.
8/30/07 10:51:52AM
If he's small enough to cut down to 145... Then I think that would make an exciting fight

I would like to see him fight Huerta myself
8/30/07 10:59:34AM
Underrated standup? I thought his standup was horrible against Aurelio. He looked EXACTLY like Josh Koscheck. Working in one-two combos with a huge overhand right that never landed once. When he did well, he was getting inside quickly and throwing a hook. He needs to do that a lot more, none of the 1-2 combos from the outside.

He's had much better standup bouts.
8/30/07 11:11:08AM
Clay is becoming a pretty good fighter....... and I also believe he should of got the decision over Tyson but it was very close....... Guida vs. Huerta would be a great fight.... I would also like to see him vs. Stevenson.

God I love the Light weight division..... so many good fights that could possibly happen.
8/30/07 11:41:28AM
Clay is 5-5 in his last 10 fights and I think he needs to get into a winning streak (4 fights) before he can be considered a contender.

IMO he doesn't deserve to fight top 5 fighters in the LW division right now, despite how much grit he possesses
8/30/07 12:58:08PM
guida vs. fisher in the near future?, that would pit two contrasting styles and two guys who dont mind taking punishment to give it, that would be a phenomenal fight in my opinion.
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