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7/18/07 2:55:29PM
I'm still unsure about this fight. maybe you guys can be some help . Who will be victorious Guida or Aurelio and how will it be accomplished?
7/18/07 3:02:31PM
Clay can not get a break its really sad because he has had so much tough competition Tyson Griffen and Din Thomas. Now he has to fight a guy who has beaten Gomi and actually went toe to toe in a rematch and lost a split decision. Ahh i think clay is gonna be in trouble in this fight often and his only Losses are due to decision 3 being split!The man has been competitive in all the fights and he has seen better competition also. I see a second round submission by Maximus which is sad because i really like Clay. He just can't catch a break.
7/18/07 5:43:27PM
I see guida by 2 rd ko.
he must win the fight before the judges decision because they always go against him.

imo guida won his last fight 29-28 and many peaple think the same .

7/18/07 8:11:09PM

The Claymanator is going to win
7/19/07 2:35:09AM

Posted by tuvok500
imo guida won his last fight 29-28 and many peaple think the same .

Amen. That was the only fight I lost on that card and I thought I should have went perfect. But still, agreed with the top statement about how he can't catch a break, but hey, he's got a good shot at beating Aurelio. Still, for the moment I have this at Aurelio by decision. Could change my mind a few times from now until the end of the fight though. It really is a toss up.
7/19/07 7:43:51AM
Clay will win by decision. He can probably avoid the BJJ and outhustle him.
7/19/07 10:05:35AM
As much as I would like to see Clay win, I don't think he will pull this one off.

Maximus by UD.
7/28/07 7:56:19PM
Marcus Tko Rd 2
7/28/07 9:34:54PM
I hate to say it, but I see yet another Split Decision lose for Guida.. Guida can't be finished, but he can't ever get enough out of his latest opponents to give him a majority or unanimous, and because of that, he gets stuck with these.. It's so sad to see it go to another one, but thats what I see.
7/28/07 10:12:44PM
He has said that he is going to use the Ishida strategy against Aurelio, and with his wrestling and that game plan I see him actually winning a decision. (Ishida beat Aurelio with control and ground and pound attacks)
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