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7/26/07 12:50:27AM
I cant believe when i was kid i watched this and thought it was normal...what the hell was i pretty much pissed my pants laughing as soon and Macho Man jumped in with Mean Gene

7/26/07 12:59:47AM
You think that is crazy check out the Iron Sheik!!!!!!!!!!!Iron Sheik
7/26/07 2:41:00AM
Nothing beats the Warrior!


...and this is a fairly normal promo for him.
7/26/07 9:52:29AM
Whoo yea, bit i'm sorry this DX video takes the cake
7/26/07 10:01:12AM
All these are a trip. I like doing a "throwback" and watching these old clips. I use to watch wrestling in this era too... havent seen it really in about 12 - 15 years.

Need to look up some CoCo B Ware or LOD promos when I get time.
7/26/07 11:01:10AM
macho man is gonna be on the new season of the surreal life FYI, should be hilarious
7/26/07 3:49:03PM

Posted by babalu2720

Whoo yea, bit i'm sorry this DX video takes the cake

Haha, I dont even like pro-wrestling, havnt watched it in about 8 years, but brings back old memories seeing HHH and Shawn Michaels. That vid was pretty funny too btw
7/26/07 6:13:47PM
The Rock was a funny mo fo too those guys would be trying soo hard to keep a streight face but couldnt that time had some of the funniest shit in wrestling with DX and the Canadians what else was there the Nation of Domination then Stone cold would come out kick some ass and throw down a few
Oh yeah why the hell couldnt the Macho man never beat Hulk that was some bull right there
7/26/07 7:51:30PM

Just shows you, Macho has mad skills.

He is going to be on the surreal life as well.
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