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10/11/11 3:09:14PM
I am writing these instructions on behalf of Jay:

Can everyone format the card like:

1 Main Event (5-9pts)
1 Co Main Event (4-8)
3 Main Card (3-7)
2 Spike Prelims (2-6)
5 FB Prelims (1-5)

Please PM them to jjeans.

We will start the polls voting on Thursday, 24 hrs per one.

Also, remember this rule:

4. Out of your 12 fights, 4 must be openweight bouts, the other 8 fights must have been weight classes the fighters competed in between 1-45

Good luck
10/13/11 10:58:16AM
So when are the cards gonna be posted?
10/13/11 11:38:02AM
Awaiting DeadHead's card....
10/13/11 11:46:42AM

Posted by jjeans

Awaiting DeadHead's card....

Have you PM'd him? He's been online since the draft ended.
10/13/11 12:14:47PM
Yep, sure he won't take long
10/13/11 5:26:57PM
I sent DeadHead a pm as well
10/13/11 6:03:50PM
Sorry guys I forgot about the draft, I just submitted my card.
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