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6/23/07 4:52:30AM
I have gotten literally two dozen messages about my avatar, people wanting to know where I got the pics. Well, they were on the Dog a while back, figured Id just post them for longevity's sake, and for the peeps that want me to email them a copy... they can just get it here theirselves, lol.

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6/23/07 4:53:28AM

6/23/07 5:54:35AM
Haha Angry since Birth. Nick looks chill and Nate looks like he's ready to slap a hoe.
6/23/07 7:42:15AM
Very cool, but this does not explain where Nate got that anooying accent/lisp from!
6/23/07 7:55:27AM
He doesnt have a lisp... wtf?
6/23/07 8:29:34AM
Those pics are classic!
6/23/07 8:35:39AM
These pics are classic and sum there attitudes up pretty good and Nate def does have a lisp. hes still cool though. I wish he punched Karo in the face.
6/23/07 2:42:52PM
love nicks Water Shoes
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