"Clanton Gang Bitch" Fight Camp!

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7/17/07 9:56:33AM
Remember the Ok Corral shooting, some people called us cowards, some people said we got ambushed. I say **** IT! I dont back down. So if you are someone who will not back down and loves to fight. Then Clanton Gang Bitch is the Fight Camp for you! It's time to build up and take over this MMAPlayground Website. No playing now, like i always say.

When in doubt, Knock em the **** out - Clanton Gang Bitch Motto.


Send me ur invite and i will accept, no matter what, the more the merrier, let's take that number 1 spot.
7/17/07 10:20:21AM
Pretty cool fight camp. Looks like you have a lot of fight in you!! You should check out our team motto!!
7/18/07 7:45:17PM
so youre a bitch from the clanton gang?! nice thinking....
7/23/07 2:28:27AM
Yes very good thinking on that one!!!
7/23/07 2:53:43PM
ya dude... not the best name for a camp... im supprised the moderaters dont delete it
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