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9/26/09 12:42:36AM
I know it's a couple of years old but I watched it recently. Has anybody else seen it? I don't really watch too many foreign films but I thought this was pretty good. Those are some bad little mutha f***as that have absolutely no regard for another humans life. Just wanted to get some opinions on the film and if you haven't seen it, I recommend you do so.
9/26/09 1:45:30AM
Loved it. Actually one of my favorite movies. Crazy to think that actually happens every day there.
9/26/09 1:50:21AM
This is a portuguese movie if I am correct?

I liked it a lot. Action and adventure style lol awesome stuff
9/26/09 3:57:56AM

Posted by KaibaThedon

This is a portuguese movie if I am correct?

I liked it a lot. Action and adventure style lol awesome stuff

its Brazilian portuguese is there language
9/26/09 4:06:12AM
Great movie ! one of my favourites.

The series City of Men is really good as well.
9/26/09 8:52:35AM
great movie, it's in my top 10 for sure, now if you liked city of god, i recommend you check out amores perros, also a pretty awesome flick
9/26/09 9:18:01AM
Amazing movie check out City of Men if you havent seen that yet that one is good too.
9/26/09 9:33:27AM
City of god is a great film. Definitely in my top 10, also based on a true story.
9/26/09 10:58:51AM
Excellent story. There are a ton of fantastic movies out of Brazil in the last several years. Another fantastic film dealing with the law and its corruption in Brazil is Elite Squad. Check that out.
9/26/09 10:59:45AM
in my to 5, actually own 2 copies of it because i thought I lost the first one but found it later
9/26/09 1:33:34PM
Yeah, I can't remember how I came across this movie--I think a friend reccomended it to me a couple years ago when it was a new release on DVD, and it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. I'm not big on subtitles, but when a movies this F'n good who cares.
9/26/09 3:25:50PM
Im really not one for sub-titled films but I really enjoyed this. Id reccomend it for sure.
9/27/09 12:56:25AM
Amazing movie... it's in my top 10. There are tons of foreign moives that are very good. I agree with people that said to watch City of Men. I heard Tropa de elite is also very good but havn't got around to watching it yet.
9/27/09 5:40:07PM
I just got tis movie Sin Nombre, from the same director I think. The subtitles don't work on it so I haven't watched yet but I've heard very good things about this and City of God. I'm going to try to find it now.
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