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4/16/07 11:56:46AM
link has heard from a few sources this past week that the UFC still intends to put on an event in Cincinnati later this year, and it could happen as soon as October. Additionally, a rematch between current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and former champ Rich Franklin would be one of the marquee matches.

4/16/07 12:18:13PM
IMHO I think Okami deserves the title shot before Franklin, but its great for the UFC going to his home town with the crowd behind him.
4/16/07 4:55:41PM
IMO Okami shouldn't get a title shot yet. He has just beat Belcher and few TUF dropouts, with Swick being his only notable opponent.
4/16/07 7:58:15PM
He also holds a win over Anderson Silva.DQ or not its still Silvas last lost.
4/16/07 9:02:49PM
okami's good but he hasnt shown enough...not yet
4/16/07 11:33:20PM
They can hope for that rematch if they want, but let's face it: Nathan Marquardt is going to school Anderson Silva.

4/17/07 12:19:26AM
If Marquardt gets Silva to the ground it will be all Marquardt.The thing is he has to get in on Silva enough to actually take him down.I could see this going either way really.
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