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4/4/12 5:53:50AM

Posted by Pookie

Junior's combinations win him this fight IMO. His chin can take the counter shot's IMO, and When Junior finds Overeem's chin it's over.

You, Sir, have hit the nail on the head, JDS has a solid chin, Overeem does not, he has been KOed 6 times by lighter men, including Chuck Liddel, Shogun ( twice), Lil Nog ,whilst all are solid punchers, none will have as much power as JDS.
Overeem only throws single punches, whilst JDS throws combinations and has the reach. And if Werdum can outstrike Overeem JDS certainly can
4/4/12 6:25:29PM
Sucks that the fight ain't gonna happen now.

Jds vs mir more likely. I got jds by Ko
4/4/12 8:07:48PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Sucks that the fight ain't gonna happen now.

Jds vs mir more likely. I got jds by Ko

Aren't you going to 146?
4/6/12 1:10:56AM

Posted by aussiemma

THANKYOU ! cant stand how people are trying to sound smart on this thing and breakdown this fight to the 10,000th degree ! the facts are AO has the more credentialed and diverse striking, but then again jds didnt get to where he is by submitting guys either.

First of all, I love to discuss and do break downs on fights which I am heavily invested. One of the most exciting things about being a fan of any sport - is to be able to discuss and analyze, along with other fans, the strengths and weaknesses of each team or contestant.

If you do not like to discuss fights, then why did you click on this thread and read what everyone had to say about it?

I could have been a lot more rude but since I am in a good mood, you get a little break. But fair warning - the next time you pull a stunt like this, expect me to return the favor by ten folds.

4/6/12 2:49:42AM
Overeem lost badly via pissing dirty
Sucks cause this could have been one of the best HW stand up fights we have seen in a long time. Give Cigano Mir. Let him avenge his master.
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