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POLL: Who wins Ciesnolevicz vs. Drwal ?
Tomasz Drwal 74% (17)
Mike Ciesnolevicz 26% (6)
5/6/09 11:25:56PM
This is going to be a goood one. I think Tomasz Drwal is much improved now. He's cardio got better too. I see a TKO for Drwal here.
5/6/09 11:46:50PM
Two decent fighters, both with last names i cant pronounce. Mikey C definately has the edge in jj, while Drwal has some devestating ko and tko power. Tough one to call, but I see that Mike C has been KO'd before which makes me think Drwal will be able to do the same. Tko or KO early in the fight.
5/7/09 12:12:13AM
i don't know yet leaning toward drwal though
5/7/09 4:38:59PM
Dwral by ko or tko 1 round
5/11/09 11:23:39PM
Yeah - Drwal is now training in US from what he mentioned in one of his last interviews. That for sure works in his avdvantage. Tomasz is a tough guy . He will for sure have some good matches in the UFC.
Good luck to him.
5/12/09 10:13:34AM
Mike's gotten KTFO twice by the man that fought jon Jones and is fighting Krystoff soon that Andre dude. And Drwal I believe is an even even more devastation striker so I got him KOing Mike again brutally in the 1st.
6/4/09 7:32:35PM
It would be nice to see this fight on the main card.. I do not see it coming though. These guyes are still in shadows of the UFC 's top ranked figures .
Maybe if they cut the freaking commercials which makes Spike tv"s Ufc events soooooo F#$%^ng booooriiing !! Now we have to pay for PPV commercials too. Like Moped Davidson and ****.... Like who cares. And its getting worse and worse . Have You noticed?
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