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2/27/07 10:17:06PM
I was thinking about more about this topic today and I tried to read to see if anyone posted this comment already and if you did, I'm not trying to steal your thunder. But with Wandy loosing, I think this actually the best time for him to come to the UFC. Wandy doesn't have the burden of the Pride crown anymore and I think now is the time for Shogun to shine in Pride. Plus they'll never fight each other. Wandy can come to the UFC and work his way up the division with no pressure. He doesn't have to fight Chuck right away, he could start with Forrest, Jardine, Lyoto, Rashad etc.... There is so many matchups for Wandy and even a chance to see Tito vs. Wandy II. Who wouldn't want to see that fight ethier?! And if he gets through them, then yes fight Chuck. Or whatever. My point is, "WANDY PACK YOUR BAGS AND COME TO THE U.S., TO REBUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE AND BUILD YOUR CARRIER!"
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