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6/13/10 1:25:43PM
Chuck got dropped by a clipping blow, certainly not the hardest shot hes ever eaten, and im thinking this might be the end of the road for one of my favorite fighters ever. i dont care if you post that he should retire, or that he shouldnt, or if you just want to post that you think hes been fun to watch or that you never liked him, but lets see some chuck love/thoughts from the PG. we might not get to see him again, and thats sad for me to say.
6/13/10 2:11:58PM
They need to let him go out on a high more fight against more for Chuck's more for the road! You know Tito is......well "Tito" enough to take the fight, and believe that he will win....which will sell a ton and make the UFC strike gold yet again as they retire a Legend!
6/13/10 2:24:36PM
i agree with jae, even thou chuck is done in mma dana white should give him tito as his last fight, just cuz he was supposed to fight him originally, he wants to crack him so bad, so it should sell lots of tickets as well
6/13/10 3:39:29PM
i also believe he should fight tito, but not as a main event. Both of those guys main event days are over.but i give chuck mad props he's had a hell of a good run!
6/13/10 4:00:05PM
Yup, have Tito and Chuck go at it one last time. I was a bit sad seeing Chuck get ko'd again. I also wanted to hear Chuck's original entrance music. Don't get me wrong, I am a big Eminem fan, but that just wasn't right. Chuck had a great run and was in some memorable wars.
6/13/10 5:10:05PM
All good things must come to an end. And at this point, we should be concerned about Chuck's health. He shouldn't consider fighting again. But if he does, then he should be fighting straight up tomato cans. Dana White will not give him tomato cans, and that's why he should seriously retire.
6/13/10 6:00:56PM
I dont think Chuck should fight Tito. The knock out punch last night was far from anything really dangerous, the thought that runs through my mind is Tito getting lucky and knocking Chuck out. That would be a horrible note to leave on. I would like to see Chuck do something with the UFC though. Chuck isn't one of my favorite fighters, but I still kinda view him as the face of UFC.
6/13/10 8:25:30PM
I dunno, this should be the end because chuck may end up dead on the canvas. He's punchy and gets Ko'd a lot. Retire chuck, youre rich and can get a ton of hot treats, party a lot and try and live a long and healthy life.
6/13/10 9:10:15PM
I am of the opinion that Chuck should *NOT* get anymore fights. If that shot from Franklin could keep him on the canvas for that long there's no telling what a power shot could do. Tito might not be the fighter he once was but Chuck will always be the same fighter and leave his chin exposed. Honestly, I don't think it would take much of anything to turn off the light switches for Chuck. I was waiting to see what happened when Franklin finally did catch him and when he did Chuck crumpled. It's done for Chuck. Fans who love like, like myself, can't take anymore of having to watch him unconscious for close to two minutes. I was worried for his health, to be honest. Personally, I wouldn't even sanction him to fight any longer. The amount of time he's spent on the canvas after being knocked out is very scary to me from a medical standpoint.

We was a a great warrior. I would rather remember him for


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6/13/10 9:22:08PM
I still remember when he KO'd Randy. I was freaking jumping for joy like I don't think I ever have in a fight since.

He'll always be a legend in my book. Literally like MMA's Muhammad Ali as far as legend status goes.
6/14/10 10:19:42AM
Chuck Liddell can still fight but he can't fight the best. Chuck looked good in the rich fight until the knockout. Chuck was doing doing good he went for a takedown and had some nice high kicks.
6/14/10 10:31:41AM
Definitely one of the all-time greats. He'll always rank as one of my favorite fighters of any generation.

With that being said...I don't feel like it's ever my place to tell anyone they should retire.

Do what you want, Chuck. Screw the naysayers.
6/15/10 8:11:24PM
Not much to add here, as i pretty much agree with whats been said.
However, i think the punch franklin threw was actually very hard, especially when you consider where it landed.
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