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8/31/08 2:07:01PM

Chuck is coming to XC in Toronto for the day.

That will be cool.

8/31/08 4:18:30PM
appearances are news worthy?
8/31/08 5:38:34PM

Posted by slappywhite

appearances are news worthy?

Uhhhh yeah it is there Walter Cronkite.
Did you read it? I did.....its a NEWS talks about alot more than Liddell. Really check it out.

I'm too lazy to look for news.....thats why I come here

Props to all of you who take the time to do it.
8/31/08 6:12:23PM
Nice. Im definately thinking about drivin up for that.
9/1/08 9:56:41AM
anyone know how to get into canada without being detected???thinkin of swimmin across niagra for the autographs!!!
9/2/08 9:04:34AM
Training with Lidell? SICK.... I am in!!

This city rocks.....
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