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4/12/09 4:32:54PM
Chuck Liddell's UFC 97 Video Blog

A day in the life of Chuck Liddell, as we his training regiments, interviews, thoughts on Dana White's controversial video blog, and more.
4/12/09 4:52:03PM
HAHAHAHHAHA that video was halarious!!!!
4/12/09 8:24:43PM
better than any of dana's, hilarious

best part is gettin the toenails painted
4/13/09 2:46:36AM
he's a funny guy. You can tell he could give a sh*t about the video blog
4/13/09 3:20:24AM
When I watched it earlier, I was actually surprised how entertaining it was. I wasn't expecting that from Chuck. John Hackleman was the best.
4/13/09 5:24:38AM
Is that chuck dog a thought he wud of had a pitbull or somthing nasty not a little thing like that ha. Great video hahahahahah
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