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8/30/10 11:39:16PM
UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell has had his mohawk for 18 years, but he shaved it all off Monday morning on "Fox and Friends." Now, he looks like this: Link
8/30/10 11:45:29PM
AHHH who is that scary man

Maybe he should keep it like that and maybe he will win a fight. I bet that is what is keeping him from winning.
8/31/10 12:17:11AM
i was never a fan of it in the first place. chucks one of the all time greats but that don't change the fact that i think he had a dumb haircut. i hope that dude comes back, id go for another ortiz/liddell fight.
9/1/10 1:01:11AM
I think the grin on his face coupled with the fact his hands are under the sheets is creeping me out more than anything.
9/1/10 3:21:17AM
Scarier yet is the womans dress dummy beside his bed....mmmm wtf happens behind closed doors...maybe shaved it so his pretty wigs fit better....
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