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2/11/07 10:12:46AM
2/11/07 1:14:18PM
Say it isn't so!

I don't want Quinton and all the hype around him to be destroyed and all the Chuck-huggers thinking Chuck's the best ever.

A few warm-up fights and Rampage would make it a very competitive bout.
2/11/07 1:21:24PM
Dude, I edited your post. We don't need stuff like that on here. Jackson might beat Chuck again, but the part you added "Make Chuck is female dog again" is not necessary.

Chucks game has grown by leaps and bounds as a fighter since his Jackson fight while Rampage has not.
2/11/07 2:46:52PM
Sorry got fired up by reading the news. I don't believe Chuck has grown enough to be able to beat a fighter with Rampages style but after seeing RampageĀ“s latest performance and how nervous he looked I think he needs a few fights before he fights for the title just like he said himself.
It'd be so wrong for him to not feel like he's 100% back and then take the fight anyway because of the money.

UFC would make a huge mistake too. Rampage is one of the easiest guys to market in the MMA world and to throw him in there with Chuck right away is just a waste of money. They should build him up and make him a recognizable face in the US first.

I think this move is about desperation. I think the UFC is afraid of losing Rampage when his contract is up so they make the best of the situation and try to earn as much as possible on his last fight. They know Rampage is all about the $ and that he would take the best offer when his contract is up.
Perhaps they won't be able/willing to invest as much in Rampage as they think some other promotor is.
2/11/07 3:39:43PM
im going to that 1 so was gonna go to english anyone know how to get the pre sale tickets i know its months away?????
2/12/07 2:32:20PM
I was just really hoping for one or two more fights to get his punch speed back up to where it was when he fought Wanderlei the first or second time.
2/17/09 5:08:55PM
Cool, Id like to see Chuck get one more chance at Rampage the way Rampage had a third chance against Wandy
2/17/09 5:34:56PM
I couldn't figure this thread out until I looked at the date of the origanal post.....