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2/21/08 6:20:47PM

For the second straight week, “Iceman: My Fighting Life,” a book written by former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and co-author Chad Millman, has landed ninth on The New York Times Best Seller List for hardcover nonfiction.

“Iceman” covers the entire life of Liddell — from his childhood through his reign as the UFC’s 205-lb. champ up until his May 2007 loss to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and subsequent defeat to Keith Jardine. The 305-page title recently received a ringing endorsement from ( book reviewer, Paul Larkin
2/21/08 11:06:14PM
This is actually pretty cool, I'm glad to hear it. I have yet to buy it, but i plan on it. I picked it up and read a few pages, it was a little corny but actually a pretty decent read. Glad to see it doing well. Liddell is the man.
2/22/08 2:36:42AM
I just finished this book and read it within a day at work. I bought and read the Hughes book first and I must say Chucks book is the better read by far.
2/22/08 7:00:40AM
I really need to pick this book up. It's probably a good read and I am a fan of Liddell's. It's pretty cool that so many MMA fans are actually reading! Most people think were stupid hillbillies or!
2/22/08 7:16:24AM
It is a great book for any mma fan. It really gives you a look into a fighters life, both when a fighter is unknown and poor and when a fighter is famous and rich.
2/22/08 9:03:56AM
I read the book in one day.... great read. I just gave it to a buddy to read.

First person to PM me their address, I'll send it to you as a "Playground Present" (when my buddy finishes it) as long as you promise to send it back to me when your are done. Sorry to international guys... shipping is a little pricey.
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