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1/24/08 6:54:14AM


“My next fight will probably be in the summer and I am thinking about Jardine since Jackson is already scheduled to fight (Forrest Griffin). I can’t wait around (for Jackson). I love the sport and I think I have a couple years left in me. I’m a very competitive person. I don’t even like to lose at things I’m not good at.”

Chuck Liddell reiterates that he wants to rematch Keith Jardine next — “The Dean of Mean” upset the “Iceman” at UFC 76: “Knockout” in September 2007. Liddell rebounded to defeat Wanderlei Silva in a thrilling three-round war at UFC 79: “Nemesis” in December 2007. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard much at all about Jardine (even though it was perhaps the biggest win of his career). Something tells me that whatever Chuck “thinks,” Chuck gets.

1/24/08 7:46:27AM
i really hope not, presonally dont want to see this fight again.

I want to see Jardine vs Forrest again, after forrest gets his title shot

1/24/08 2:24:11PM
ppllzz no, that would not be good, keith needs to fight someone different
1/24/08 4:12:50PM
Jardine already exposed Chuck and already knows how to beat him. Leg & Body kicks and Superman punches!

He owned Chuck last time and this time around he'll get the knockout.
1/24/08 5:04:07PM
Chuck wasnt himself the first time around. He saw the houston alexander fight and thought he would run through jardine. IMO chuck was the closest to finishing the fight ( end of First round). Sure jardine had some great body kicks but he was no where near finishing chuck. underestimating people is a big factor in MMA. if chuck comes into the fight modivated like in the wandy fight. He will win. Chuck has the fire back in his eyes that we havent seen since the last tito fight. He will be world champ once again, mark my words.
1/24/08 5:05:14PM
not if he has to fight rampage he wont
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