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7/12/07 11:56:23PM
Chuck Liddell willing to fight in September and November.

Even though I know Forrest Griffin would like to fight Chuck.
but ive got the opponent for Chuck Liddell and that would be Wilson Gouveia, cus wilson said he would fight chuck.

So you've got Forrest Griffin, Wilson Gouveia, Keith Jardine, Jason Lambert. Or possibly since he wants to fight twice. He could face the loser of Rua/Machida or if henderson loses, he could fight him
7/13/07 12:03:44AM
Chuck isnt going to fight some b status fighter like griffin,its going to be someone big.
7/13/07 12:08:21AM
I think he should fight Jason Lambert next. only loss he has is against Rashad which worries me a lot but i mean hes got wins over Babalu and Terry Martin so i think its a way to get Lambert a fight that is beyond Babalu and a way for the UFC to give Chuck a match that he will more than likely win with a Knock out to get him back on track. Best scenario IMO and he can fight in right when he wants.
7/13/07 12:31:33AM
i think chuck a fight that would be good fight would be cro cop lol i know probly wont happen but that be sick they both are around 225ish
7/13/07 12:36:53AM
Brandon Vera at LHW?
7/13/07 12:52:14AM

Posted by Eazee_E

Brandon Vera at LHW?

i think that would a pretty good fight...
7/13/07 3:02:17AM
you guys are all wrong its wanderlei silva the bad blood fight its already scheduled for ufc 76, i think chuck will beat him in the 1st round.
7/13/07 5:53:29AM
LOL catch up nibrack11 yiou are way too slow on the on/off news of that story (its not definately off!)

Is there NO WAY they can tear up the contract Shogun + Machida have to fight and have Shogun fight Chuck for the next title shot and put Machida up against Lambert who is already rumored on the card?

That just makes so much sense and they could easily market it what with Shogun DESTROYING Rampage etc
7/13/07 6:30:50AM
id defo like to see him and Vera fight, we need to find out how good Vera really is
7/13/07 8:05:09AM
what is MR Arona up to these days, i like to see him in there against Chuck to see how "legendary his take down defense" really is
7/13/07 8:12:42AM
Chuck is paid way too much to fight someone like Lambert. Nobody knows or cares about Lambert atm. (unfortunately). When Chuck fights it's going to be against another fighter that can draw a lot of attention like Rashad, Forrest, Jardine, hell I even think Houston Alexander is more marketable than Lambert atm. considering his demeanor and his brutal beatdown of TUFer Jardine.
7/13/07 8:24:00AM
I was just reading on another fourm and they said Vitor called Chucky out

That is a main event fight IMO
7/13/07 8:33:40AM

Posted by thepunisher

I was just reading on another fourm and they said Vitor called Chucky out

That is a main event fight IMO

But at the same time Vitor was quoted saying something along the lines of "I have a contract with Cage Rage now, so if the UFC would let me fight in other organizations a fight with Chuck would be possible"

in other words.. it will never happen..
7/13/07 8:43:25AM
I read that to but i can dream can't i

I just want to see Chuck get beat up by someone from Brazil, be it Shogun, Wand, Arona, LIL Nog, Vitor,or Ronaldo(the soccer player) i don't care who
7/13/07 8:50:53AM
Hopefully they'll set up Shogun - Chuck if Shogun gets past Machida.
I think Chuck - Forrest could be a good fight right now though. If Forrest wins, he's one to be marketed even harder than he already is and if he loses, well he lost to Chuck Liddell and Chuck can go on to fight Shogun.

From a fan standpoint I'd love to see him bang with Forrest. Forrest brings it and I think he'd have a good chance of winning that fight.
7/13/07 8:54:09AM
I don't know about Forrest after his last fight he was afraid to push the action, we know Chuck doesn't like press the action he is a counter puncher so that might make for a boring fight. Or a quick one when Forrest leaves his jaw hanging out
7/13/07 9:25:39AM
Sho gun gets a title shot if he beats machida, so he wouldnt have to fight chuck.

So chuck isnt going to fight Lambert or Gouveia, because those two are fighting.
I think forrest said he would fight chuck. But i read that forrest doesnt want to machida because he was a counter striker and chuck likes to counter strike.

Well atleast they have time to figure out chucks opponent.
7/13/07 11:14:20AM
I think I've got the logical choice... Sean Salmon... C'mon, I can't believe no one thought of that yet...

In all seriousness, I'd like to see him fight Alistar Overeem agains... C'mon, Dana, sign him up
7/13/07 5:11:13PM
i would like to see Lindland go to 205lbs and challenge Liddell,
but it would probably be just like of liddell vs. couture3.
Fanboy 1988
7/13/07 5:19:48PM
I wanna see him fight another heavy striker, like Wandy or something.. He seems to be able to beat the hell outta any wrestler/BJJ guy .
7/14/07 6:09:38AM
seems to me that forrest or jardine is a good choice. rua gets first crack at rampage as that is obv a bad style match for chuck and seemingly a better one for rua and then if shogun wins the belt chuck gets another shot at it. of course hendo may end all of that speculation.

if i were the ufc match makers my first order of business would be to get the belt away from rampage so that they can give chuck another chance before he gets too old. of course rampage is extremely marketable as well but chuck is their man and all

7/14/07 7:09:51PM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

I think I've got the logical choice... Sean Salmon... C'mon, I can't believe no one thought of that yet...

In all seriousness, I'd like to see him fight Alistar Overeem agains... C'mon, Dana, sign him up

Overeem was beating Chuck last time they fought, if he hadnt gassed he would have dispatched Chuck, as he was well on the way to doing, and the whole Rampage / Chuck rivallry (domination?) would never have happened!

I want to see a Chuck / Overeem rematch, though it is really unlikely to happen!
7/14/07 7:17:55PM
Overeem signed with K-1 to fight at Heavyweight. I think the move in weight class is great as he's so huge, and seems to gas a lot . I think the weight cut is the root of the problem. Plus when he fought at HVY against Kharitanov he looked great. He weighed 227 ripped. That's a big cut when you have so little bodyfat IMO. I have to agree that i would like to see him rematch Chuck however. Maybe after he gets acclimated to HVYweight he will come to the UFC, and they can fight at a catch weight.
1/12/09 5:03:14PM
who says shogun is fighting machida is this true av not heard that one.hope its true .
1/14/09 1:09:12AM
why'd you bump a two year old thread?
1/15/09 7:05:59PM
Old thread, but will reply anyway, I think he should rematch Wandy in another do or die fight even though I believe the loser should actually go before they tarnish their career. Not so much Chuck since the UFC fans can always say he's past his prime, but they don't know Wandy too much so his legacy to UFC fans will be tarnish not that it matters too much, but I don't want Wandy to go out keep getting knocked out.

Someone would get KO'd this time. They just need one more big fight and make one last great run, atleast one of them and if they want a warm up fight, give Chuck, soko, and Wandy, Houston or either way around.
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