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2/2/08 12:13:59PM
Shogun VS Liddell would be awesome,but I got to go with Liddell on this one.Is it just me or does anyone else wanna see Shogun take on Machida?
2/11/08 1:47:09PM

Otsuka yeah terrible complete can I will give you that one but the fight was 7 years ago

Tatsuya Iwasaki 6 years ago Wandy was still young fighting a Kyokushin Karate champion making the transition to mma (Unsuccessfully)

Hiromitsu Kanehara 6 Years ago when he fought Wandy he was 11 - 8
with 5 of those losses coming from Dan Henderson, Arona, Hughes, Babalu, Nog,
Fought Wandy in his pride debut and lost then he lost to Cro Cop, Overeem, then Shogun after
he was considered a viable opponent at the time turns out he was not

Minowa 4 years ago yeah your correct on that one too I dont know why Pride kept him around

Kondo 4 years ago the most recent of this list I dont think you consider Kondo a can he is just one of those fighters like BJ penn who just wants to fight in higher weight classes but Kondo is still dangerous

*** Most important thing to Wandy coming back to the UFC is that he wants to fight only top ranked fighters that is exactly what he told Dana during nagotiations

Wandy's last 10 fights the last 4 years are Liddell, Henderson, Cro-cop, Fujita, Arona x 2, Nakumura, Yoshida, Hunt, Jackson

yeah look at the trend he payed his time now he wants to fight only the best

2/11/08 3:53:14PM
With this division being stacked with top guys it is hard to give these guys cans to fight, I do believe that both shogun and silva both have enough fights under them and skills to bounce back after there losses. Everyone wants to see these fights between top Pride guys and top UFC so when it happens leave the excuses for the woman.
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