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3/5/07 7:41:07AM
who did he say he might be fighting in may wat i understood was tyra morrison wtf is he thats if i heard him right his speech wasnt the best
3/5/07 7:53:09AM
he said Tommy Morrison...the boxer that just came back from retirment.....he had tested positive for AIDS and suddenly the virus just vanished....

Chuck was f#cked
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3/5/07 8:00:51AM
dont know what to say does he have mma aswell his gonna be be butterbean of ufc so cage rage has butterbean
3/5/07 8:04:21AM
tea wtf was the storey with chuck people who made film got chuck to promote their film heres the lad out wasted on live chat show think they will be looking for their money back lol
3/5/07 8:40:43AM
i doubt it.If anything the film got more
3/5/07 11:02:22AM
holy s**t chuck is fighting tommy..... dude is absolutley awesome i have always thought he died until a couple weeks ago when he ko that guy in his return fight.
3/5/07 6:45:24PM
I was wondering the same thing about who he was talking about in the interview. That interview was hilarious, he sounded like the typical old drunk guy sitting in the corner of the bar by himself.
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