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8/21/09 11:09:04AM
Looking back now, it's hard to believe there was a time when we thought that continuing to fight in the UFC was the worst thing Chuck Liddell could do for his long-term health and career legacy. Then he decided to join a televised dance contest with a bunch of "celebrities" and a disgraced former congressman, and suddenly we find ourselves wishing that he'd just come back and get hit in the head over and over again instead.

8/21/09 11:54:31AM
People are haters!!!!

8/21/09 12:36:57PM
Chuck gets KTFO R1
8/21/09 1:26:37PM
I don't see how this hurts his career or mma, I would rather see him do this than get knocked out again. Tear it up chuck. Of course I'd rather see him knock Tito out again than all of the above.
8/21/09 5:36:08PM
hope he makes it out of the first round.
8/21/09 11:52:36PM
Never watched the show. Not going to start now cause chuck is on it either. But I'll say this. When Anderson Silva decides it's time to step in there, I'll be DVR'ing every episode. That's bound to happen some day, he was born for a show like that.
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