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1/10/09 12:13:37PM
i have been hearing rumors as well as some sites like mmaweekly pulling chuck off the columbus card.. anyone hear anything official.. no main event nor co main event fight card is pretty much set
sad fights though to pay for to see live
1/10/09 12:51:07PM
Was he ever on this card? Who was he set to fight?
1/10/09 1:10:42PM
Everyone was saying Jardine, but he's been pushed back to 97.
1/10/09 1:22:08PM
They must have something big up their sleeves, because I'm not seeing the excitement on this card. I'm going to be going, but I want to at least see some solid fights.
1/10/09 4:25:28PM
Yeah with no titles on the line, two big names in Liddell, and Jardine were set for the card(rumored). Jardine is now being said to be on the 97 card against Luis Cane, which is an awesome matchup. And Liddell doesn't/hasn't had an opponent, so yeah if he was taken off the card, wouldn't be a surprise.

With the Gonzaga/Carwin fight being the marquee matchup, so far, I really don't see why this wouldn't be free, anymore than the 95 card.
1/10/09 5:16:25PM
Gabriel Gonzaga vs Carwin should make for a great co-main event especially since a #1 contenders spot is on the line. The Brandon Vera fight as well as the Kendal Grove fight do seem like they would be more appropriate for a fight night. It seems like the UFC is really struggling to put this card together. There's no doubt that without a solid main event this card is going to fail almost as bad as UFC 93 which is estimated to pull in under 200K buys.

Chuck could save the card, but there really aren't many good opponents for him aside from Wanderlei, and it's just too soon for that rematch. I would like to see it end up being Forrest vs Lidell, which would really change the entire outlook of this card.

Heavyweight bout: Shane Carwin vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
Lightweight bout: Gray Maynard vs. Jim Miller
Light Heavyweight bout: Brandon Vera vs. Mike Patt
Middleweight bout: Kendall Grove vs. Jason Day
1/10/09 7:34:11PM
i am hearing cause the card is so poor that they might have 11 or 12 fights but man they should move some of the fight night fights to this card and push some lower ones like ryan jensen to fight night. it's a shame this card is so sad for a huge huge crowd in columbus
1/11/09 5:52:53AM
Least you guys have the chance to see a card live, living in Australia I am many, many years away from seeing the UFC expand into Australia!!! I guess Germany is more important!!!
1/12/09 4:56:00PM
I heard there doing Australia at the back end of the year.
1/12/09 5:04:17PM
it seems pretty much done deal now chuck will fight in april or may against shogun or wandy maybe now what will the ufc do?? i think they are scrambling to get a main event going
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