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POLL: Did you get what you wanted?
Yes 43% (13)
No 0% (0)
I'm happy with whatever they give me 43% (13)
No,but i will on the 29th 13% (4)
12/27/07 2:19:19AM
Eternal Sonata - Xbox360 video game(kickass game)

Dallas Cowboy - Cap,Shirt,and... Pajamas

HP All-in-one Printer,Scanner, and Copier..(needed one)

friend got me a set of 4 kickass Metallica Beverage glasses

Polo Blue Cologne set...deodorant and aftershave included also

and my sister sent me $50 paypal credit

plus we had a huge party with a keg and bbq with family and close friends...good times!

What did you all get?

12/27/07 2:27:38AM
- X Box 360
- Call of Duty 4 Modern War Fare

I just can't wait until the 29th, It is going to be sick

Oh yeah I forgot to give you your christmas present Trapt1nw0nder

Props for you !
12/27/07 2:39:57AM
Top of the list.
Xtreme Couture GSP shirt ( black one )! Cant be too many of them is South Australia
Manhunt 2 on PSP
Orange Box on 360
Die hard set
and a couple other small things
12/27/07 3:13:04AM
I scored an 8 ball around 2am and then picked up a used fleshlight on craigslist in the afternoon for use when watching Home Alone in the evening.
12/27/07 3:30:48AM
I got a new set of twins shin pads, new heavy bag, some oakleys, new hat, lots of sweats, jeans, and t shirts, 7 new pride dvds , the xmen trilogy, spider man 3, die hard, blood diamond, the departed, the wild bunch, the kingdom, few under armour things, and a shit load of candy lol. I made out pretty well to say the least, but most importantly I was able to spend alot of time with my family, my sisters husbands family, and all of my girlfriends family.
12/27/07 7:32:14AM
NBA Live 08
Like 4 Hoody's
4 t-shirts(2 Bart Simpsons )
Some more shat load of clothes
Everlast Punching bag
Utah Jazz beanie
Jason Taylor #99 away Miami Dolphins Jersey SHIT SON!!!
And a gift set of Old Spice products(soap, spray, deoderant) God knows I need it! lol

I didn't get everything I wanted since my mom don't like everything I do or watch. But I am pretty happy with everything I got. Plus I got cash from family and friends so it's all good. The Dolphins jersey KICKS ASS!!!
12/27/07 8:46:43AM
An MP3 player


Full House:Season 8

Elite XC:Uprising(Bootleg)

UFC 76(Bootleg)

Rampage Unchained(Bootleg)

Tito Ortiz: 7000ft training(bootleg)

The Departed



My boring-ass life:The Diary of Kevin Smith

A Fighter's Heart:One man's journey through the world of Fighting(by Sam Sheridan)
12/27/07 10:33:44AM
Not everything I wanted but got one of the big things on my list:
$80 Sport & Health Clubs Gift Card (was hoping for a full membership from my parents, maybe a bit too soon for that)

2008 Bowie Baysox Fielder's Choice Season Ticket Package (my parents renewed my partial season package for a 10th season, and upgraded it to Reserved Seats from General Admission)

$15 iTunes Gift Card (put it towards downloading movies: Both Tomb Raider films and National Lampoon's Van Wilder [Unrated version])

$15 McDonald's Gift Card (both from my little brother)

Santana Moss NFL Replica jersey (from the same person who gave me a Clinton Portis jersey before, was either last year or for my birthday)

Inspirational/Self-Help CD and DVD (don't ask)

Football-shaped serving bowl (and right before a weekend I plan to watch games at a sports bar! Oh well, there's always the playoffs)

Money, of course

I think that's everything, at least so far.
12/27/07 10:42:03AM
Orange Box - XBox360
Virtual Fighter 5 - Xbox360
a Wok, Flashlight and a Spider pillow!!!
Plus I gave myself Rock Band :)
12/27/07 11:08:32AM
Bose 7.1 surround sound system. UFC 79 is gonna kill it on 51" with full surround!!!!

Membership to a gym- much needed.

Great chistmas.
12/27/07 12:38:53PM
lots of cowboy stuff
12/27/07 2:13:05PM
I got a dog, gift cards, and a printer.

you guys who get x box 360s and PS3s are lucky as hell

12/27/07 3:12:02PM
Hookers and blow.

Thanks, Grandma!
12/27/07 4:13:27PM

Posted by emfleek

Hookers and blow.

Thanks, Grandma!

HAHAHA..Nothing like the clap and a nosebleed for christmas.
12/27/07 4:32:01PM
Four seasons of "The Wire." I'm a huge fan of "Homicide: Life on the Street" and "The Wire" is practically the sequel to that show.

12/27/07 5:02:12PM
mp3 player
and enough money to get a new heavy bag and stand
and I know I'll get what I want on saturday WAR WANDY!!!
12/27/07 6:54:36PM
I got an XBOX 360, Madden 08, a limited edition Halo 3 bust with Halo 3 inside!!! I can't wait to get the UFC game! Yeah Baby!!!
12/27/07 11:42:22PM
I didn't receive anything. My mother has been in the hospital since the 23.

but I gifted myself

Mass Effect game for the 360

Yellow foglight bulbs for my car

and soon an 80gb ipod and 1 year of gold membership on xbox live
12/28/07 2:15:08PM
Some sick-ass Bose noise reduction headphones from my sis/bro-in-law

Crocodile skin wallet and a blue pistriped tie with a giant black scorpion emrbroidered on it from the gf

360 from the old man

bioshock & leatherman pocket knife from myself (and the b-i-l said I could "borrow" Madden 08 and Gears of War for as long as I liked )

Traditional Polish christmas eve dinner from my mother... only get it once a year and it's a gift in itself
12/28/07 2:44:23PM

Posted by Linye

I didn't receive anything. My mother has been in the hospital since the 23.

I hope everything's alright, bro. Keep us updated.
12/30/07 2:43:29PM
UFC Shirt
UFC Shirt
MMA Gear Shirt(Says Beware Of Knees, very sweet)
MMA Shorts (Shows the Brazil Flag on them, and says MMA Gear)
Socks(Very Wicked)

Got a Nintendo Wii
Wii Sports, Wii Play
WWE Smackdown vs Raw (Surprisingly Good)
Table Tennis (WICKED!)
Mario Galaxy

Got a Sega Genesis (How awesome, eh)
Got every sports game, from Boxing to Volleyball, Hockey to like 4 different football games.

Found UFC Tapout 2 On Ebay so i bought it for myself... (good game)
UFC 73: Stacked
UFC 75: Champion vs Champion

Some more just can't think of it...
I had a good christmas, but UFC 79 made it 10x sweeter!!!! WANDY VS CHUCK 2, WHY NOT....
12/30/07 6:56:12PM

Posted by Linye

I didn't receive anything. My mother has been in the hospital since the 23.

but I gifted myself

Mass Effect game for the 360

Yellow foglight bulbs for my car

and soon an 80gb ipod and 1 year of gold membership on xbox live

srry bout ur mom
12/30/07 10:46:24PM
Thanks for the comments. It was something related to her asma. She's comming out tomorrow.

apart from that, Christmas been great, and better here in Puerto Rico where we celebrate until January.
12/30/07 11:29:29PM
My awesome wife gave me an autographed Dan Marino Jersey

and even better, I have a son coming Friday, Jan 4th
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