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2/3/09 5:39:27PM
I've heard Bale is one of the toughest actors to work with in Hollywood, and I guess this just confirms that...

2/3/09 5:53:55PM
"Oh sorry, I didnt hear you say cut. I thought we were still in character..."
2/3/09 5:54:49PM
Good lord!!!
2/3/09 6:01:23PM
2/3/09 6:49:25PM
Not sure if this is real or not, but it made me laugh. Workers on the sets of movies should know better than to walk into the shots.
2/3/09 8:19:34PM
thith isth totaly usthless tho go out and watch thith new movie
2/3/09 8:21:28PM
rofl, wow... Does it really take that much concentration to be a bad actor who displays no emotion?

There must've been people walking around distracting him in every scene he's ever in, because he's always got the exact same demeanor lol. To me this would be like keanu reeves being upset that someone interrupted his glorious performance.

2/3/09 8:25:08PM
Well well

What makes that even more amazing is
That wasn't just some guy who works at the film studio
That was the DP of T4 Shane Hurlbut
The Director of Photography, the head honcho of the camera department.
The guy who would win the academy award for Cinematograghy, if it won.
He must have wondered in as he was thinking of how to light the set.

"you and me we're fucken done professionally"

Fun on movie sets
I guess they won't be thanking each other after the movie
2/3/09 9:01:16PM
what a tosser fair enough the guy ruined the scene but ffs if any of us did that in our jobs we'd be sacked and this guy gets paid millions of dollars and hes acts like that what a f*****g child. tbh im not hard and id probably get my ass kicked but i wouldn't let anyone talk to me like that!
2/3/09 9:55:57PM
Pretty hillarious that Bale is that hardcore. Thinking about what he did to himself for The Machineist it is not hard to think that he would be such a tense person. Pretty over board with that though.
2/3/09 10:41:42PM
A couple things I heard that should be taken into consideration. It wasn't the first time this DP guy had done this to him. Also, I heard it was the the most intense scene in the movie so the dude was probably already fired up and in character. You would think the Director of Photography would know better, or maybe this kinda stuff happens regularly, I danno.
2/3/09 10:49:03PM
Is this guy on roids. Seems to me as if he needs to get grip. Monkey juice can do that to you, just go all hardcore over nothing and want to punch someone.
Either way, guy was a jerk to the guy on set.
2/3/09 11:27:08PM
I'm not sure why this is news? Isn't Hollywood filled with Prima Donnas? Aren't all those actors in fantasy-land, surrounded by people who lie to them and tell them they are wonderful? Don't they all think they're special?

I would not be surprised if this happens all the time.
2/4/09 9:29:58AM
What an asshole... Sounds like ol' batman should lay off the nose candy a little, eh?
2/4/09 7:46:02PM
I completely understand why he was pissed off. A movie set is a very tense environment. You could tell the guy obviously effed him up. He should have reacted differently but when you are in character and have been working on something for close to a year , a little common sense is required.
2/4/09 8:11:04PM
that seemed like a perfectly reasonable reaction to me......NOW WHERE IN THE F*#@ IS MY MEATLOAF MA!!!!
2/4/09 8:28:50PM
Heard this on the radio, pretty funny. The tapes came out because the studio turned them in for insurance purposes, in case Bale quit the film.
2/4/09 9:10:56PM

Posted by cowcatcher

that seemed like a perfectly reasonable reaction to me......NOW WHERE IN THE F*#@ IS MY MEATLOAF MA!!!!

holy **** that made me laugh. Can't prop you yet though.

2/4/09 10:09:26PM

You mean this fella?

It kinda sounds like hes just BS'in but maybe its just me?
American Psycho is one of my all time favorite movies!
2/5/09 4:42:04PM
This makes a Dana White rant look like childs play.
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