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6/19/09 2:04:28PM
Chris Lytle will step into the Octagon on Saturday night for his 49th professional mixed martial arts fight. But as busy as he's been fighting dozens of times, Lytle has done a lot more than just that: Lytle is also a full-time firefighter with the Indianapolis Fire Department, in addition to being a husband and father of four, and doing some professional boxing on the side as well.

6/20/09 11:18:49AM
Wow... See thats why i love this site you can learn so much about different fighters. Thanks for this post. Also i think this is very cool that he helps out his communitie by being a fire fighter even thought he probably doesnt need that extra money. I hope he wins his fight today
6/20/09 10:30:33PM
I hope Lytle wins. Gotta root for the family man!
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