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5/6/08 12:03:22PM
“Its not a fun thing and it sucks for anybody to be in jail but it’s not like he’s afraid. He won’t be getting the right nutrition and workouts in but that’s his only concern…. Yes, we knew [Leben staying in jail longer than expected] was always a possibility and it still is. We won’t know until his hearing on the 8th. We are talking to attorneys and we are confident that it will be ok but there are no guarantees.”

T. Jay Thompson — Icon Sport Academy owner where middleweight fighter Chris Leben now trains in Hawaii — shares some concerns about the recent stint in an Oregon jail that “The Crippler” is currently serving while he awaits a probation violation hearing on May 8 to (hopefully) resolve an old Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge. Of course, it’s not an ideal situation for Leben, who had to take a break from training for his UFC 85: “Bedlam” fight against Michael Bisping in London, England, on June 7 to tend to the legal matters. Even if he is released on May 8 it really only gives him three weeks of hard training to prepare for the bout (traveling, media obligations, “tapering” and other commitments often consume the last one or two weeks of fighter time before a fight). Leben is a gamer and more than likely was in good shape prior to the incarceration, but will it be enough?

5/6/08 1:10:33PM
They should put him in the work release program. Then he could get out for just enough time to take a train over to Britain and KO Bisping. Shoot, if he flies American Airlines back, they could get him safely back to his cell by noon the next day. Unfortunately, he would not then be "free to travel throughout the country," as the iconic ad goes.

I'm taking Leben if this fight happens.
5/6/08 1:27:07PM
Excuses excuses.
5/6/08 2:05:36PM
sucks for him
5/6/08 5:12:49PM
Im still gonna predict Leben by KO
5/6/08 5:33:50PM
Don't worry guys! He can still get vigorous workouts from Bubba in Cell Block D!
5/6/08 6:27:30PM
He should be able to stay in pretty good shape. He can exercise some and there also may be some weights and a heavy bag there as well. He should be able to do some cardio work too. He can't "fight train" with an opponent nor does he have MMA equipment but he should be able to keep everything else in check.
The meals probably do stink though.
I spent some time in jail as a teen...I remember waking up starving...starving again an hour before lunch...hungry again an hour before dinner...and going to sleep hungry as hell.
Leben should "drop" Bisping but you never know. If Leben runs out of gas...Bisping could submit him or get a decision.
Time will tell.
5/6/08 7:17:48PM
Damn thats bad news, he definitly wont be in peak shape for this one, kind of a shame to i was expecting this one to be a real barn burner, I think Leben's gonna have to poor it on thick in the first if he wants to win this one. still a great match up none the less though.
5/6/08 7:20:49PM
i am gonna root for him but a out of shape leban, i will pick bisping to win in points, but awesome fight,
5/6/08 8:41:19PM
even with this thread, Leben via 1st round KO
5/6/08 8:56:08PM
This sucks. I hope that he is able to fight, and he comes in prepared. I wish there was a way to delay this fight a month or two so that Leben could come in 100 percent focused and ready.
5/7/08 3:28:03AM
I would also love to see Cote vs. Bisping...but i'm sure all will be good with Leban, and I still pick him to win, KO, if hes traing or not.
5/7/08 5:28:31PM
Oh well, at least all the bisping haters have got their excuse ready if mike wins.
5/7/08 8:26:23PM
These complications will only make it that more sweeter when we se Leben on the verge of defeat and then comes back and gets the KO
5/7/08 8:31:23PM
Hell Leben don't need the "right nutrition and workouts" for this fight.
Don't you guys remember TUF?
Everyone in the house got completely trashed and cried the next morning about being hung over.Who was the only one who finished his exercises drunk?
That's right,Chris Leben!
If anything,this will make him stronger.
5/8/08 9:57:16AM
Leben better get his head on straight we need him to KO Bisping
5/28/08 6:40:12PM
even if there are no weights to train with he can still do push ups, sits ups, pull ups lunges and all kinds of other exercises to keep in shape.. he couls also lean a matteress agaisnt hte wall and use that to hit if it is too thin he can fold it in half granted what will hurt is the lack of sparring... and rolling... but he can focus on that when he gets out and will more then liekly not have to cut any weight when he gets out.. if he comes out and wins this.. it wil lbe a good story.. if he loses cause he is not ready his only person to blame is himself.. he should have taken care of this...
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