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9/18/07 10:36:51AM
TUF alumni Chris "The Crippler" Leben, looking to avoid 3 straight losses in the UFC, seems ready to get back to business starting with his fight against Terry Martin at Wednesday's UFN event.


Considering Leben probably has one fight left on his contract after this (runs until April '08), this fight could go a long way in determining where his UFC career goes from here.
9/18/07 10:46:47AM
How many straight losses must an average TUF-veteran accumulate before the UFC decides to drop him? I'd guess between 3 to 4 losses depending on how much face-time the fighter in question received during the show.
9/18/07 11:04:23AM
We might find out if it's 3 tomorrow, I'd hate to see them drop Leben because he's a really colorful personality, both inside and outside of the Octagon (largely depending on how he colors his hair) but he also has shown pretty good KO potential in the past. He could be a good fit in WEC though.
9/18/07 11:19:53AM
most people dont mention his 5 win streak in the Ufc but he does need to pick up the win tonight
9/18/07 12:30:09PM
he needs to win, i think he will get it
9/18/07 1:23:27PM
he does need the win, but I don't see it happenning against Terry, he would do good in the WEC too, until he met Filho. I don't know the MW div is just soo horrible right now that I was hoping that the TUF would have been MW and heavy after that. HW is doing better than MW, but a fresh crop af new fighter's couldn't hurt. New fighter's is the only thing that is going to help the MW div.
9/18/07 2:03:03PM
id like to see a tuf for mw too, i hope leben wins tho i got some money on him
9/18/07 4:10:21PM
I kind of like Leben but im a realist and if he loses tomorrow he is getting the boot.
9/18/07 7:27:19PM
I hope he gets the boot. I can't stand the guy.

The greatest moment of my life. Leben "Go back to Japan where the competition isn't as stiff!" HAHAHAHAHA. Then the assbeating of the century came as Leben predicted, but he was not so much on the giving end. Silva didn't miss with one strike that night and didn't even so much as get touched. Oh it was a grand day. LOL, god that was funny.
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