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7/10/09 8:24:34PM
Im curious what the playground thinks about Lebens future in the UFC. He obviously has had a huge set back testing positive for steroids. Im a huge Leben fan (yes a nuthugger) and would like to see him "relivant" again but I dont think that is going to happen at MW. I would like to see him try and drop to WW, I dont know if he can do it but if he can I think it would be a good career move. He would have IMO the heaviest hands in the division and would have size and reach on most of his opponents. I would love to see him take apart Kos at 170. Any thoughts?
7/10/09 8:44:23PM
The fact that the UFC is feeding him a guy like Jake Rosholt I think it's a sign that they are willing to give Leben the chance to stay in the UFC. However, in my eyes this type of scenario appears to be win or walk for both fighters.

That being said, even if Leben does win this fight, I suspect he will have no more than 3 more fights in the UFC unless they keep feeding him fighters that he is expected to beat.

I just don't think he is good enough to compete with the better fighters at MW.

As for dropping to WW. I don't think it's going to happen. He looked really lean in his last couple fights and it doesn't look like his body could give up another 15 lbs
7/10/09 9:03:47PM
Guy def. has some problems. He's a decent fighter who has some skill everywhere just isn't great anywhere.

He's in a division where I would say his chin and striking are his best assets the problem there is that there's fighters in the division that are just better than him.

Great heart and good chin and a likable guy who i feel has the sympathy factor to him but I mean its just one of those things where he is going to have alot of trouble in the UFC because he just doesn't have the tools to be a top ten guy.
7/10/09 9:27:56PM
I agree with the points made. Im full of wishfull thinking when it come to Leben, I hope he wins this coming fight convincingly so they keep him around for a few more fights, Id like to see him fight belcher, kang, Mcfedries and a few others. I guess his days of making a bid for the MW strap are probably behind him.
7/11/09 2:30:19PM
i really dont care im not sure he would be anything very significant in either weightclass
7/11/09 6:44:03PM
I would like to see him drop to WW and rematch Swick (if he could make the weight). A win for Swick would help him climb the ladder and a win for Leben puts him right back in the game (at WW) these two have some history.
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