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6/3/07 8:13:55PM
what are your guys thoughts on him? i have seen a couple of his fights on IFL, and he seems to be a decent fighter, but he hasn't really fought any top guys that i know of. do you think he would do well in the UFC. Him and Rothwell seem to be the best in the IFL. I think rothwell could hold his own in the ufc, probably wouldn't be championship material, but would do well. Just wondering what your thought oh Horodecki were?
6/3/07 8:59:26PM
hes so damn young still that fighting in the ifl and getting experience is best for him right now, but he is marketable because hes so good at his age and with a couple of ufc wins would be easily hyped for a title shot. i think he has a bright future barring any major injuries.
6/3/07 9:42:22PM
First of all, I want to start off with Rothwell. Although I do believe he is probably the best HW in the IFL, he should have lost that decision to Roy Nelson. I think he would make a great gatekeeper for the UFC HW division.

Now to Horodecki. IMO this kid has a great future ahead of him. Although he hasn't faced any top ranked opponents as of yet, he has fought and defeated some pretty good fighters with a wealth of experience under their belts, such as Bart Palaszewski and Ryan Schultz. He has good striking, ko power, and isn't afraid to mix it up. And correct me if i'm wrong, but Horodecki is only something like 18 or 19 years old.

All this being said, Horodecki is still a bit green. I don't think he would have too much success at this point with most of the fighters from the UFC/Pride LW division. The competition in the UFC/Pride is definatly a step or two up from the IFL. However, with how young and talented he already is and with a conistent stream of good competition, I say in about 2 or 3 years he is easily a top 10 ranked LW.
6/4/07 12:16:11AM
i thought he looked young, but i didn't know he was that young. from what i have heard/seen about him he should be a tough competitor with more experience. i just wasn't sure if he was being overhyped or not, and from your guys comments it seems he has not.
6/4/07 4:14:15AM
he will be good when he starts growing whiskers.
6/4/07 11:20:09PM
He's good ! IMO best LW in IFL ! Give him one more year and he can be a contender in the UFC.
6/11/07 4:16:13AM
Chris Horodecki is an amazing young man and a hell of a developing fighter, but he still has some big holes in his game.

I'd like to see him keep refining his standup game, and take at least three years of really great Wrestling and BJJ training. Then, by all means, ship to the UFC and let him give the folks their money's worth. But right now, his lack of grappling skill and little mistakes in his standup are flaws that I think would be exposed if he fought top tier competition.
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