who will chris hordecki sign with?

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POLL: Who will Hordecki sign with
UFC 30% (7)
Dream 0% (0)
Elite XC 22% (5)
Affliction 30% (7)
Other 17% (4)
8/6/08 1:35:13AM
who will hordecki sign with after declaring free agency?
8/6/08 1:45:26AM
i would say affliction or elite xc
8/6/08 1:59:27AM
i'd rather see him go to WEC or elitexc.
8/6/08 2:10:11AM
hmm prob the WEC I don't think he would fair to well in the UFC right now
8/6/08 10:25:27AM
I think the UFC will try to pick him up as he likes to stand and swing. He'll put on a good fight... though I never thought he was that impressive.
8/6/08 7:34:09PM
edit: man, I need to read the news forum.
8/6/08 9:58:22PM
He went to Affliction.
8/7/08 1:07:44AM
Disappointed he chose Affliction. What challenge is there for him? UFC would have been a better choice
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