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5/3/08 2:25:44PM

Former Heavyweight Titlist, Chris Byrd 40-4-1, 21 KO’s, is attempting to shirk off tradition’s raiment by moving down two weight classes to light heavyweight in order to continue his career.

A look at the Top Ten fighters in the light heavyweight division reveals names such as Joe Calzaghe, Bernard Hopkins, Chad Dawson, Antonio Tarver, and Glen Johnson; all fighters whom Chris Byrd should be able to compete with and would have to be favored in most if not all.


Good to see That he has that much respect for MMA.
5/4/08 6:52:42PM
Nice find and a great interview.
6/26/08 4:42:16PM
bird is a class guy- saw some comments to the negative.. he was WAYYY to small to be a HW he had Mad skillz but was not a KO type fighter- atleast not as a heavy-- zmore power 2 him wish him well.
6/27/08 10:37:35PM
Why do people think Byrd failed as a HW? He held a title, was one of the top 5 HW fighters of the 2000s and could have had an argument for being the #1 HW in the world at one time (I would have put him as high as #2 myself). I don't know if he was guaranteed to repeat that success at lighter weights where guys like Dariusz M., Roy Jones, James Toney, Vassily Jirov and Juan Carlos Gomez were. And even being the undisputed champ there probably wouldn't have been worth as much money.
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