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3/23/14 11:17:44AM
Will Chope has been cut by the UFC and his bout with Diego Brandao scratched from tonight's card after revelations about his bad-conduct discharge from the Air Force for domestic violence.

3/23/14 11:27:57AM
Wouldn't surprise me if they cut Abel Trujillo too. His name is being brought up a lot relating to his domestic abuse.
3/23/14 11:41:52AM
3/23/14 1:21:44PM
At least no one got stabbed in the neck
3/23/14 1:36:25PM
UFC: WE GOTTA PROTECT THE BRAND! You can beat up guy's at bars, sell drugs, heck even rough up your wife if your a top ten or have potential, but I swear if you lose your first fight you will be canned if you have an arrest five years ago for domestic violence.

Seems like his ex-wife and Chope are friends, she's forgiven him. I feel bad for the ex-wife and daughter their the ones getting hurt the most by this.
3/23/14 2:40:22PM
That's too bad, was really looking forward to this one.
In the last like 3/4 events there has been a fight cancelled on weigh in day or fight day, which is really unusual.
3/23/14 2:52:35PM
was he cut or choped?
3/23/14 2:58:02PM
Where is the ufc sending these guys for background checks? Whoever is doing the background checks is not digging hard enough. But anyway, I'm glad he's cut. I would rather have Paul Harris than this scum.
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