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10/26/13 2:08:56AM
So I was working in my jewellery shop and about to close up for the day and I was talking to a friend who had stopped in to say hi, all of a sudden, this black guy comes in and starts saying he wants to fight us (I'll knock yous out mother fuckers).

He seemed wasted on something, and was putting his fists up like he wanted to fight. I put on my angry face and told him to leave while pushing him out, he promptly went into the asian nail bar two shops down and tried the same thing. I went and hauled him out, and he went across the street to another shop. by this time a few people had noticed and were telling him to leave and calling the cops, which my colleague had already done. I realised he might need subduing and grabbed the duct tape from my shop, gave it to my friend and closed up the door.
He accosted an asian girl across the road, Im not sure what he said but he was acting menacing and grabbed at her wrist, I yelled loudly at him to leave again and she took the opportunity to run away, he then sauntered back over to me and started miming jabs at my face, I told him if he gets any closer I'll knock him out. I'm 6'5 and was pretty angry, so he thought better of it, turned around and went into an asian cafe back over the road.

These asian cafe owners are my good friends, and they have a 9 year old daughter who was scared shitless, so I told my friend to grab the tape and ran after the guy.
I saw him threatening the mother when I got in the shop, and a scared girl behind her, the husband wasn't really doing much, so I grabbed the guy in a RNC and lifted him up onto my chest to add his body weight to the choke, felt his neck crack, but in a chiropractic way haha. he scrabbled for all of two seconds and went limp. I got my friend to grab his legs and we carried outside and down the street a little, rolled him on his front and duct taped his hands behind his back with my friend repeating every police line he knew.
I got my colleague and friend to hold him and ran down to the main street where there was a protest going on so I grabbed some cops and told them where it was going on. They put a spit mask on him and bundled him away.
I got a free bottled water from the cafe too

Sorry bout the editing im on my phone, and you can thank Jay for the AV.

Also, someone filmed the whole thing and I'm trying to get the footage, so I'll share if I get it
10/26/13 2:32:47AM
that's bad ass!!!

protecting the mean streets of NZ - WAR INFESTRUCTURE
10/26/13 3:14:34AM
That's a great story man. Pretty badass
10/26/13 8:08:27AM

Posted by infestructure

felt his neck crack, but in a chiropractic way

10/26/13 8:50:07AM
That rocks man, nothing like doing some solid vigilante peace keeping. You need that video pronto, it sounds like it even has some tosh.0 capabilities
10/26/13 9:58:54AM
That's some super hero shit bro! Way to go
10/26/13 10:18:23AM
10/26/13 11:55:46AM
0/10, avatar killed the story.
10/26/13 12:12:29PM
You go boy!
10/26/13 3:17:49PM
Another one for the good guys. Way to go, Infestructure!
10/26/13 5:17:13PM
one question, was it crazy horse?
10/26/13 5:46:49PM
You get sub of the night bro good job
10/27/13 4:14:00PM
good job man keeping the peace
10/28/13 8:27:16AM
Oh to be 6' 5
10/28/13 8:49:31PM

Posted by BigBadAl

Oh to be 6' 5

10/28/13 11:52:39PM

Posted by trevail

Posted by BigBadAl

Oh to be 6' 5


It's not half as good as it seems, back problems being the main thing. And everything is made for short people. I could honestly lose a couple inches and be happier.

And thanks for all the good words guys,

Update: the guy is in jail still awaiting court on friday, he'll be trespassed from the area
10/29/13 2:57:04PM
I would have asked for a free lunch from the cafe
10/29/13 6:52:04PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I would have asked for a free lunch from the cafe

Their coffee is good, the food is shit though
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