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8/22/11 1:29:56AM
A couple in China have hit the headlines for selling their three kids to fund gaming at an internet cafe.

The young couple met at an internet cafe back in 2007 and bonded over their love for online games. After having children they realised they could raise funds by selling their offspring, earning over $500 by selling one child and up to $5000 each for the other two. "We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money," they commented.

8/22/11 2:29:31AM
They must have not done a good job when they raised the $500 kid.
8/22/11 9:34:27AM
You mean to tell me I could get upwards of 5 grand for my 17 year old??? Why wasn't I informed of this earlier?!
8/22/11 6:24:18PM
I got an idea, you need money, get a ******* job you dirt bag assholes. You don't sell your kids to play WOW. These people need to be Hung in the middle of the street to show this is what happens to people like this. Disgusting excuse for humans
8/22/11 6:24:58PM
I like that their excuse was "I didn't know i couldn't do that"
8/22/11 8:36:08PM
This makes me sick. I cannot stand people who have kids - only to neglect them or worst.

I also know many Asian parents sell their daughters to Mama-Son. I do not live in their country and I cannot see or sympathize with their situation but I cannot imagine ever making my child suffer only to make ends meet.

Prophecy is right - get a f'kin job and if you cannot afford to provide for kids, you should not have any.

8/22/11 10:32:04PM
well to be fair the kids are probably better off with whoever bought them than with some punk kids who don't want them in the first place. Yeah it is morally reprehensible, but the kids are probably better off for being sold, assuming that they were bought by someone who intends to raise them like an adopted child, and not use them for slave labour or something ridiculous like that.