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2/6/09 7:43:51PM
what are some good workouts to lose tittie fat and gain just muscle in the tittie/ chest
2/6/09 8:19:41PM
you could always just bench press light weight but alot of reps. are you in school?
2/6/09 8:51:06PM
2/7/09 3:24:18PM
push ups dude. if you do get into some weights and sh it still do push ups after every set. trust me,
2/8/09 11:23:10AM
I wouldnt mind being let in on some of these to much either.

Any more detailed workouts or routines from you guys?

Good ones are prop worthy

2/8/09 12:24:30PM
I would do pyramids of dips, preferably on a dip station, and also push ups. You get a lot more out of these than just benching. (my opinion of course)
2/12/09 9:52:05PM
I see a couple of potential problems from the way the question is asked:

1) Losing fat and gaining muscle are really two different things. From an appearance standpoint both may individually have the effect of making your chest seem a bit firmer, but you really have to look at those two processes (losing fat and gaining muscle) separately. The fat will be lost on your chest the same way it is on any other part of your body--by taking in fewer calories than you burn. So look at diet and cardiovascular exercise for results there.

2) Are you working out already? Doing a workout just to hit one specific muscle group isn't usually effective for several reasons and it certainly doesn't get you in shape.

Assuming that you're already conscious of your diet and exercise then I'd give a +1 on doing pushups. If you have access to a fully equipped gym, I'd also suggest working in more incline presses (dumbbells are better than a bar IMO)--including doing them heavy in place of bench press on some workout days. You'll notice bodybuilders doing a disproportionate amoutn of incline presses compared to other strength athletes and the reason is that the upper pecs can have a more dramatic effect on the chest appearance than other parts. It sounds like it's the appearance, at least for that bodypart, that you're focusing on.
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