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10/24/07 11:19:07PM
hey guys i need some pointers for a good free weight chest workout besides your normal bench press
10/25/07 1:21:16PM
flys, dips, bench, push ups........uh i think thats about it
10/25/07 2:38:25PM
Push-up variations perhaps? Work towards one arm
10/26/07 11:25:18AM
Here are the push up variations that I do and more chest exercises.

1) plyo push ups - standard push up position, push up, clap hands in air, repeat....

2) plyo push ups (in and out) - same as above, but alternate hands close together and hands far apart each rep.

3) plyo push ups (feet up) - same as one, but with feet (toes) on a yoga ball.

4) pulling push ups - lay flat on ground (on belly) with arms stretched out in front (over your head). Have a partner pick up you legs like you are in a wheelbarrow race. Keeping your hands planted on the mat, pull yourself up to a push up position. Do a pushup. Go back to the original position. A set will have reps that look like this (1, 2, ...10, 9 , 8 ....1 reps)

5) lay on your pack in a bench press position, have a partner clench hands with you. His weight is over you (face over face) in a push up position. Both of you push away from each other 9i.e. one does a "bench press" and the other a push up)

6) plyo med ball toss - lay on back throw medicine ball up in air and catch it and immediately try to throw it up as fast as you can. I also do these on decline as well

I hope this helps

7) go in normal bench push up position. One hand on mat and one on med. ball. Push up, switch hands (i.e. other hand on ball now) in the air and go back down. Treat this as one rep. Like any other push up do not let your chest touch the mat and keep your back straight.

8) plate toss - I do this when I am at my parents' place on the beach. I get a 35lb iron plate from my old weight set and I trow it as far as possible with a chest pass motion (like a basketball pass) I run over to the plate, pick it up and throw it as fast as I can. I do about ten reps one direction then I go back tossing the plate over my shoulders in the other direction (works out your legs and back)
10/26/07 1:18:25PM
Number 8 sounds fun. I'll have to try that some day when california falls off the earth and we get a beach here in AZ haha.

I agree with the push ups one hand on the ball, too. They are a lot harder than they look and will definitely help build your rotator cuffs as well.

Also try doing push ups one hand on either side of the half-ball.

10/28/07 3:44:55PM
Are you training for size, strength, or both? What are your goals, and how long have you been training...?
10/29/07 9:51:43AM
Incline and decline bench. They focus on different areas of your chest muscles and shoulders/triceps.

It does depend on your specific goals but doing lifts that use more muscle groups tend to be better from personal experience.
10/29/07 11:19:28AM

Posted by Jackelope

Number 8 sounds fun. I'll have to try that some day when california falls off the earth and we get a beach here in AZ haha.

If you have thick enough skin to not let the onlookers bother you, it is a lot of fun, but very tiring. Then again, how many people are going to say anything to a guy throwing a plate down the beach... just don't hit anyone with it.
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