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7/26/10 8:56:26PM
I was wondering if anyone could give me a good chest and leg workout routine. I work chest twice a week but still feel I'm not getting much bigger or stronger. If someone could give me a chest workout for once or twice a week that would be great. I also wanted a good leg workout. My leg workout isn't that great and I would appreciate much if someone could give me a good leg workout as well.
7/26/10 8:58:15PM
Moved to training forum.

It would be nice if you gave us an idea of what you're doing diet wise, workout wise, etc. Post loads, routines, etc.
7/28/10 2:32:49AM
Legs: Squats (with the calf raises), Lunges, Leg Pess, Deadlift
Chest: Bench, Flys, Flats and Inclines (both) you can use dumbells for all or mix it up however
2/11/11 4:39:00PM
Hi I am a noob on working out and was searching for the same thing. I found this to be helpful
2/27/11 1:03:11AM
Everybody wants a big chest and arms
3/5/11 4:29:07AM
I work out in my living room and I can do pretty much the same thing as I can do in a gym
3/20/11 9:37:36AM
Heavy Bench presessing is not the only way to increase the chest, it may be increased with other means, such as running and yoga.
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