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POLL: which do u like better?
Jimbo's 30% (8)
LaosPowerHouse's 70% (19)
3/14/09 5:05:05AM
My buddy LaosPowerHouse challenged me to a photoshop-off, we had to change Cheick Kongo into Sagat from Street Fighter. The playground is going to have to decide a winner.

For mine i tried to recreate the style of the characters in Street FIghter IV from a real Kongo picture and LaosPowerHouse put Kongo's head on a drawing and changed the style.

Vote away guys and feel free to give us both props aswell lol

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3/14/09 5:38:57AM
Good job Jimbo. However, I think my pic is superior!!!

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3/14/09 7:04:36AM
I think the only way to truely test this is to see the original pictures so we can guage how much work went into them. They both look great though guys!
3/14/09 7:32:51AM
I like them both, but I think you both should have picked photos where he had an angry expression on his face since it's a video game character, and an evil one. Looks strange to see him with a surprised or happy look as sagat. I voted for Powerhouse's photo. Good work on both though, I can't even draw stickmen well.
3/14/09 7:36:14AM
I voted powerhouse's pic, but both are great and will be propped
3/14/09 7:47:27AM
3/14/09 11:47:56AM
laos won it for me.

his pics look cleaner , good job by the both of u
3/14/09 12:23:51PM
Loas...his is really amazing to me
3/14/09 12:48:26PM
Both Look Awesome but I'm gonna vote for Jimbo's cause that looked like a ton of work.

Did you have to entirely re-draw his shorts? I notice the style changed completely

3/15/09 1:11:59AM
3/15/09 2:17:34AM
He's not nearly as cheap as Sagat. Only reason he's not champ is because they outlawed tiger shots when Zuffa bought UFC.
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