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5/23/10 3:02:57PM
okay this might be a dumb question, and im aware that the ufc often counts and discounts come wins and losses on there fighters records. but my question is, everywhere you look, Cheick Kongos record is listed as 15-6-1. but the last time i saw him fight in the octogon, his record was something like 24-6-1. usually when the ufc records differ its just be a couple fights. yet this is considerably different. anyway i hope i worded this right, but does anyone know why?
5/23/10 3:36:26PM
The UFC is known for doing this. They've done this for guys like Matt Serra.

5/23/10 3:43:25PM
Good question bro. I find that checking their records on is the best way to find out and most likely the most accurate.
5/23/10 4:12:04PM
I checked Sherdog and (which is supposed to be the official registered records)...and they both list it as I would say that that is in fact his record regardless of what the UFC least officially.
5/25/10 2:03:33PM
Maybe the UFC is listing his record including his Savate record or something?
5/25/10 2:09:14PM
UFC says his record is 25-6-1, but their profile of him only lists his UFC fights.
5/31/10 8:12:51PM
yeh the one that comes to mind is Serra, Im not 100% but I think they only started doing it with Serra when he actually won TUFand got a title shot ,before that they had his real record.
5/31/10 9:30:34PM
Royce vs Hughes was another one.
They where listing Gracie's record I think as 8-0. Totally ignoring his Pride fights to make him look unbeaten coming in against Hughes.
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