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6/13/12 1:06:34AM
Is this the cast of Jersey Shore?

6/13/12 1:19:40AM
No, that's a popular picture from the Jersey Guido meme that was a precursor of The Jersey Shore show. After "My New Haircut" went viral, Mtv jumped on the bandwagon. Ironically, the meme made fun of all of the things that teenagers now think are cool, as a result of that damn show.
6/13/12 1:20:20AM
Paulie, Anthony, Frankie JR, Joey the Tomato, Carmine, Skinny Victor, Anthony and Paulie
6/13/12 1:20:46AM
Man, I haven't seen that picture in a loooooooong time.
6/13/12 1:25:06AM

Posted by Kpro

Man, I haven't seen that picture in a loooooooong time.

thats the funniest picture i think i'v ever seen....i think i actually saw facial hair on one of them
6/13/12 1:39:19PM
Good god.

Let's do a count. How many popped collars can you find????
6/13/12 5:01:45PM
He's from Philly, so he knows guido when he sees it. I believe the guidos in that photo were from Staten Island though...
6/15/12 12:02:03AM
Sherdog had an epic thread that started with this picture. Not sure why the pic was removed but I spend at least an hour going through this thread. So jokes
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