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1/27/07 7:55:11AM
It was a undercard fight of Thursdays UFC...Great fight worth watching
1/27/07 4:35:41PM
I'm pissed.

I downloaded the fight, but when i went to play it, it said the file had been deleted. It's not showing up in my UFC Media manager, and jsut my luck, it's Saturday so there is no live chat support.

Hopefully they are quick replying to emails.
1/27/07 6:35:29PM
I don't like the fact that we don't get to keep the fight permanently. I bought a few when it first came out, but after a week or 10 days it was no longer available to me. It should be like I-Tunes IMO. If we buy it we should be able to keep it
1/28/07 1:46:12AM
im pissed thats 1 of the fights i was looking foward to
1/28/07 4:45:14AM
How much are the fights and are they avaliable to those in UK?

I hope there's no shipping (jk) I tried to buy a tshirt the other day and the shpping costs were actually more than the shirt itself.

On the subject, good to see Din back in the UFC with two good wins now. I thought he won the fight with Azevedo at WCFC, but meh, it was probably fight of the night. I won't be suprised to see him challenging for the belt by the end of the year.
1/28/07 7:58:02AM
that does suck about UFC in Demand they should let you keep the download not just for 10 days. IT was a good fight they should of showed that fight instead of Heath Herring
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